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Most thumbnails on our website have a help section. Take the cursor over the thumbnail without clicking on the item and the help section will appear.

1. How to browse the photos on our site

By using the search bar in the Photos or Categories section you may find photographs easily and effectively in our database. Enter your query in the search box. Enter keywords that describe the picture accurately.

The search engine lists all the pictures with the given keyword. The search engine is not case sensitive (e.g. does not differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters)

To start your search click the search button. In case you want to refine your search, please use the additional Advanced search bar.

2. How to order

Select the photograph you want to order and indicate the purpose of your order e.g. for exhibition, a book, other publication, multimedia, advertisement, and the title of use according to your planned purpose. In the selected line, with the selected purpose and number of copies you may see the corresponding license fees. In case none of the above purposes are covered by the categories above, please get in touch with us for an individual order via e-mail at info@terrorhazafoto.hu.

By clicking “add to cart” you may add the item to you cart and continue browsing the photo bank or setting a different purpose of use and title. (Thus, you are able to order the same photograph for a different purpose or size at once.)

In case you only require a copy of certain photographs without the intention to publish them, you may request watermark free preview images at info@terrorhazafoto.hu

Please download the request form here.

On orders over 20 copies or preview images we provide 20% discount on each photograph.

3. Cart / Checkout

Your order will be sent to you to the email address you have provided or in case you signed up for an account you may download the files from your personal account after the Licensing Agreement /Permission of Use has been filled in and signed. 

Please download the agreement form here.

The signed and scanned copy of the Licensing Agreement /Permission of Use must be sent to info@terrorhazafoto.hu, in case of a legal entity the agreement must be stamped as well.

You are able to check items in your cart, edit their purpose of use or title, remove items, save for later or print your order in pdf. Under “Billing Information” you are able to check your Billing Address / Contact Information.

You can settle the payment by bank transfer. Please follow the instructions sent to you in the confirmation e-mail to transfer the licence fee for the Provider.

Following your payment you will receive an itemized bill and a confirmation of your purchase containing your order and its purpose of use.