The collection of the House of Terror Museum Photo Archive has recently been expanded with photographs taken during the 1956 Revolution and Freedom Fight in Budapest. This selection of 413 photographs will be made available on the website of the Archive, most of which were donated to us during the Memorial Year in 2016.

The photographs had been taken by Piroska Purgát, Imre Balassa, István Döme, Ferenc Radics and László Zalay, as well as József Kádár, who later became known as Joseph Kadar, but our collenction includes photographs where the photographers are unknown. Beside the iconic locations of the heroic struggle the moments of everyday life are also featured in the photos, showing people in front of a delicatessen or the faces of people walking the ruined streets.

The House of Terror Museum considers it its mission to preserve the memory of the Revolution and Freeedom Fight, every single story, face or location. Therefore we are calling everyone who may be in possession of photographs, either in family albums or legacies, to donate them to our instititution. Please contact us via email at info@terrorhazafoto.hu.

The House of Terror Photo Archive digital photo archive contains more than 10 thousand photographs by the Szekszárd-based photojournalist Jenő Bakó all taken in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s.  The photographs were mainly taken in Szekszárd, Paks, Dombóvár, Bonyhád and in the area of Tolna county, but the Budapest of the 60’s appears in some photos too. The main themes of the photographs in the digital photo archive revolve around the following topics: freetime (sport, entertainment tourism, hospitality), society (trade, work, education, social situation), urban (townscape, transportation), culture (learning, art, religion), agriculture (forestry, fishery, hunting, agriculture, rural-life), domestic policy and industry.

 The photos adequately reflect the atmosphere of the age and accurately captures the lifestyle of the countryside of Kádár's time. There are pictures depicting the typical events of the age, series of photographs show summer camps, sport contests, socialist celebrations, industrial work, housing estate constructions, voluntary service, cooperative farms and party conferences. Having been taken by a professional photographer, these photographs are high quality, well-composed photos, both close-ups and long shots. Each phase of a workflow or a sporting event has been accurately documented.

In the majority of the photos mainly everyday people and the party leaders of Tolna county can be seen, however, quite a few significant or well-known person can be found in the photos, for instance György Aczél, Antal Apró, Béla Biszku, Lajos Czinege or László Papp boxer.

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